Professional Liability Insurance

Selecting a Professional Liability Insurance Agent

The unique risks to your practice and business demand that you receive the support and service from an insurance company that specializes in providing ERRORS and OMISSIONS insurance.  You should have the confidence that your insurance company is financially strong and professionally capable of handling any claim, as well as defending you in a lawsuit.  Lastly, it is important that your insurance company provide risk management services to help prevent any problems before they develop.

It is equally important that you work with an insurance agent who genuinely understands your business and who specializes in providing professional liability insurance.  The issues in your business can be complicated, the cost for a mistake can seem endless, and your need for ‘value-added’ services are too important to settle for anything less.  You should expect your agent to be knowledgeable and capable of providing the expertise and service to protect your business and reputation!

What should you look for when selecting an insurance company and agent? 

  • Seasoned professionals who provide expert Claims Administration and Management.
  • A well-informed staff who can provide Loss Prevention and Risk Management information.
  • The proven ability to provide Claim Reviews and Loss Analysis.
  • Assistance in Contract Review to help identify uninsurable obligations.
  • Special Risk Management Consulting services, as well as Early Dispute Consultation.
  • The proven ability to provide Legal Defense and Litigation Management.


Professional Services

In addition to serving as your Counselor and Advocate, we will also provide the following services as a Professional Insurance Agent:

  • Thorough review of the risks and exposures to your business followed with a written Proposal of Insurance.
  • Access to markets which can provide solutions to your insurance needs.
  • Prompt response to your insurance issues, questions, and the handling of claims, as well as the review of a claim reports.
  • Courtesy review of contract documents and specifications for compliance with existing insurance coverage’s.
  • Review and counsel on other important issues which generally affect your projects, business, and insurance program.
  • Complete preparation of an application for insurance for your review before it is sent to an Underwriter.

Select an insurance company and agent you can trust and ones who have the integrity, expertise, and knowledge that will help your business be successful!